Roma line

Sliding . panoramic . without bounds

The sliding systems offer a wide range of designs for panoramic solutions.
Roma is the line of systems for sliding doors and windows that meet the most demanding requirements in terms of heat insulation, stability and security. Owing to the remarkably slim central section, the system offers innovative and aesthetically attractive solutions that are able to provide maximum light for interiors.

Exteriors without bounds.

The Roma Line, in order to improve access to the inside of buildings and homes, is available with different types of windows and doors and with lowered doorsteps. The special openable corner solution enables living areas to be opened wide to the exterior without obstacles or limits. In addition, this tough system enables large sliding doors to be fitted, each of whose panels weighs up to 300 kg.

The ideal solution to give your place a unique character

The modern design, the lowered doorstep, the class 2 resistance to intrusion and burglary and the improved thermal values up to 2.78 W/m²K make the Roma Line one of the most advanced sliding systems on the market.


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Roma Lift & Slide Line

Sliding . panoramic . without bounds

For the most demanding, the Roma line is also available in the Lift & Slide version. The lift & slide doors and windows allow the indoors to communicate with outdoors, the large openings enable natural light to enter the home and blend with the furnishing style in all the seasons so that it becomes a real interior design feature.

The Lift & Slide doors and windows of the Roma line are available in different versions, with lowered doorsteps and the special openable angle for an opening towards the outdoors without bounds.

Unlimited design scope Large doors and windows, with panels weighing up to 300 kg each.

Open your house to the outside with a slight movement

In addition, owing to their specifically high insulation performance, lift & slide doors and windows are ideal in passive houses. Heat insulation, stability, Class 2 intrusion and burglary resistance and improved thermal values up to 2.78W/m²K make the Firenze Line a system that combines functionality and looks.